Nanoreinforced metallic alloy ingot manufacturing
  • Develop innovative materials (light metallic).
  • Optimize dispersion of nanoreinforcements.
  • Production of large batches in a controlled and repeatable conditions.

The pilot line is the unit set up for production of nanoreinforced aluminium alloy ingots through the stir casting process.  It is composed of five main elements:

  • an electrical furnace with a capacity of 100 Kgs,
  • the mechanical stirrer unit where the elements in contact with the aluminium melt (graphite axis and impeller),
  • the ultrasound module, used to improve the dispersion of the nanoparticles in the melt,
  • a dosing system that can operate in a semiautomatic regime to feed the electrical furnace with pellets of nanoreinforced aluminium powders. These powders can be heated up to the required temperature (100ºC) before their incorporation into the vortex created by the stirrer,
  • the ball milling unit capable of producing 800 g batches.
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