Multifunctional heating layer

Buckypaper (BP) sheet is used as a resistive heating element for composite part heating, due to its homogeneous structure and suitable range of electrical resistivity. The BP can also be adapted to different shapes due to its high flexibility. It can be used as the resistive element in an externally placed heating system (i.e. adaptable blanket). This system needs to be electrically isolated so the BP can be encapsulated between flexible insulating layers. The system includes the electrodes and wiring.

The BP based system works via Joule heating (i.e. resistive or ohmic heating) where the electric current energy is converted into heat as it flows through the BP based resistive layer. The BP layer is easily integrated as a last ply in a composite structure during the manufacturing process, providing additional functionalities as SHM sensor with no weight penalty.

Pilot plant “CNT doped-veil” established at TMBK manufactures thermoplastic nonwovens to be used as a light insulation layer in the integrated heating system.

The lamination module of Pilot Plant “FXPly” established at ADAMANT is used for the R2R industrial encapsulation of the BP in aerospace prepregs (eg. M21 etc) or in insulation layer to be used as last ply, including electrodes and wiring.

Tecnalia provides power sources with control system to apply controlled heating/cooling rates and temperatures. In addition, the temperature homogeneity can be assessed by using a thermographic camera and the thermocouples distributed in the structure.

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