Composite Manufacturing

We realize composites products offering end-to-end services of processing and manufacturing with standard and nano-enabled materials.

Adamant Composites proudly offers end-to-end processing and manufacturing services including:

  • Processing room with controlled environment
  • Processing of aerospace approved materials (Epoxies, Cyanate Esters, Adhesives, etc.)
  • Autoclave curing up to 200oC at dimensions Φ 1000mm, L 2000mm
  • Curing & Post-curing oven
  • Quality inspection for Product Assurance
  • Production Design & Process Development
Lightweight properties Smart properties Mechanical performance Thermal properties management Electrical properties management
Multimaterial service Polymer based service
[PILOT LINES] Nano-enabled product [COMPLEMENTARY TECHNICAL SERVICE] Product-process engineering
Cross-sectoral Civil engineering Energy Automotive Aerospace Machinery/Tooling Others